Brent & Melonie


High School

We met each other while working on the tech crew of our high school Drama club. We ended up hanging out a lot after drama was done and soon became really good friends. Brent asked Melonie out at the Five Mile Drive-In on May 23, 2003. We had a ton of fun together going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and getting to know each other.




After high school, we both headed to Southwestern Michigan College. Two years later, Brent decided to go to GVSU and pursue his career in nerdiness, er, I mean, Information Systems. GVSU was about an hour and a half from Dowagiac, so both of our cars got a lot of miles that year. When Melonie finished up at SMC, she headed to Western Michigan University to study Criminal Justice. This commute was a lot easier and we both had a lot of fun in college, usually with our life partners Kathryn and Jake. Being apart wasn't always the easiest thing, but it gave us a chance to learn who we were by ourselves, and we definitely have no regrets about that!



Grand Rapids

After a brief stint at the Kalamazoo Prosecutor's Office, Melonie decided to go back to school at GVSU for her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. She got an apartment downtown that she shared with a roommate and a seriously mean cat. After three years apart, living in the same city again was awesome. Equally awesome was being walking distance from downtown and getting to explore all the awesome restaurants and parks around the city. Melonie got a cat, Sophia, who despite his best efforts, Brent soon claimed as his own.




These days, Brent is back at GVSU working as a web developer, and Melonie finished up her Master's degree in December (Finally!) She is currently working as a collections manager/paralegal for a law firm downtown. After only 8 short years, Brent finally managed the courage to ask Melonie to marry him. We got engaged on October 9th, 2011 while watching the sunset on the beach in Grand Haven. Now we are busy planning the wedding and looking forward to celebrating with you this June!